Using Sound to Protect Those who Serve

Since the early days of policing the sound of a siren has been used to announce to the public that the police were on their way.  If you were driving you would move out of their way, or stay on the sidewalk if walking.   If you are sitting a movie theater and see the villain... Continue Reading →

Helping to Reduce the Danger in Chases and Pursuits

Police chases and pursuits are extremely dangerous. At SoundOff Signal we work diligently every day to do what we can to lower these sad statistics.  We do this through new or improved products coupled with education and training to ensure our distributors and agencies know how to maximize the features of our products.

Location, Location, Location

Location is not only important when buying real estate but also when designing a lighting package for your new patrol or traffic unit.  With the huge variety of vehicles on the road today a fleet manager's duty is to make sure officers are seen at all angles to keep not only the officer, but the public safe as well.

Risking it all while doing your job.

First responders are not the only ones putting their lives on the line each and everyday while on our roads.  Anyone that that works on or near a roadway is putting their lives and their family’s future at risk.   

Improving Officer and Motorist Visibility

Many agencies are looking to improve the visibility around vehicles when parked on the side of the road. According to an article by Roselynne Reyes in Government Fleet the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) have successfully implemented several initiatives to make officers more visible and increase officer safety at night.

Now you see me…Now you don’t

More and more police agencies are including “stealth” vehicles not just for detectives but also for use in patrol situations. By combining SoundOff Signals' bluePRINT control system with the new mPOWER tricolor perimeter lighting “stealth” is taken to a whole new level.

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