Using Sound to Protect Those who Serve

Since the early days of policing the sound of a siren has been used to announce to the public that the police were on their way.  If you were driving you would move out of their way, or stay on the sidewalk if walking.   If you are sitting a movie theater and see the villain running away you know the sirens are coming soon to signal the arrival of police.

SoundOff Signal was one of the first companies to advocate the 200 watt “Dual Tone” siren which uses two different tones at the same time.  To the bad guys it sounds like two patrol cars following them not just one.  This early auditory warning signals the police – and a lot of them – are on their way to restore peace and order.

Now, SoundOff’s bluePRINT™ control system takes the “Dual Tone” to a whole new level.

By adding a simple inexpensive switch to the “A” pillar on the driver’s side bluePRINT™ can be programmed to emit a loud piercing sound out of both speakers deterring a driver from getting out of his vehicle and coming toward an officer creating a dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation for all.   

During this “Blitz” feature activation the officer can also use the PA to give commands to the aggressive driver.

This development in sound technology is just another example of how SoundOff Signal stands on the cutting edge of providing equipment, not just lights, to protect those who serve.

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