Helping to Reduce the Danger in Chases and Pursuits

11,506 People were killed in police chases between 1979 and 2013, according to USA Today.  6,300 of those were fleeing suspects – meaning over 5,000 bystanders and passengers were killed.  This averages to almost one person a day for 34 years. To think this astounding number does not include injuries.  This is a tragedy.

Police chases and pursuits are extremely dangerous. At SoundOff Signal we work diligently every day to do what we can to lower these sad statistics.  We do this through new or improved products coupled with education and training to ensure our distributors and agencies know how to maximize the features of our products.

How we are working to protect those who serve:

mpowermPOWER™ Lightbar – The thinnest, brightest, longest factory warranty full size lightbar on the market.  Say goodbye to wind noise and say hello to turning night into day with lighting that both moves traffic out of your way and protects you during traffic stops. Fleet managers have the lives of officers and the public in their hands.  Why put them at risk when you have the opportunity with this new technology save lives.  

blueprint linkbluePRINT™ Link – Gives you the ability to link and integrate up to 100 “signals”  from the OEM vehicle and secondary equipment such as radios, cameras, and more and turning them into automated functions to keep the officer’s hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.  

“Protecting those who serve” is not just a marketing tagline for us – it is our way of life.

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