“Pay Me Now” or “Pay Me Later”

Is your vehicle up-fitter certified by your emergency vehicle siren/lighting manufacturer?

Fleet managers looking for ways to stretch their budget sometimes favor short-term savings instead of the long-term Total Cost of Ownership when selecting an up-fitter and go with uncertified or cheaper options.

Electrical problems comprise 95% of repairs associated with emergency vehicles that are brought into the shop. So, why compound the problem by using un-certified/cheaper up-fitters? It may save money now, but ultimately increases costs in the long run. Those costs come through car down time, lost officer time and effectiveness lost without their main car, repair parts and repair labor costs. These costs add up very quickly.

The SoundOff Signal® Process

We at SoundOff Signal® are pretty picky when it comes to “partnering”, factory training and factory certifying an upfitter. Why? Because we believe in lowering the Total Cost of Ownership  and providing a high level of service for an agency.

We have a proprietary list of requirements including…

  • Certified Emergency Vehicle Technicians on staff
  • bluePRINT® certified technicians on staff
  • Brick and mortar service facilities
  • and more

Training is never ending as technology is changing rapidly, so SoundOff® certified upfitters are constantly notified of product changes, product enhancements and trained on keeping your fleet safe and on the road.  In the end you can rest assured that SoundOff Signal® will provide you through our partners the latest in technology and superior service.

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