SoundOff Signal’s mPOWER™ quick mount is here to stay

If I had a dime for every time I was told:
“That light won’t stay on with just body tape.”
I’d be a millionaire…and I can now prove those skeptics wrong.

We recently introduced our revolutionary tri-color mPOWER™ perimeter light. This groundbreaking product is made with Dow® silicone and available in three different mounting styles: stud mount, screw mount and quick mount using 3M® body tape.

The light has been extremely well received and is quickly becoming a popular top seller.

But, here comes my potential to be a millionaire – when I first present the light I am greeted with questions from installers about the holding power of the quick mount version with the 3M® body tape.

I can say beyond any shred of reasonable doubt. It is here to stay.

When visiting the Boyton Beach (Florida) Police Department I saw one of their new bluePRINT® controlled K-9 Tahoe units with the quick mount lights installed on it that had been in an accident. This Tahoe was not only hit, but it was also pushed down the side of a concrete wall.

20170419_092912-Edit20170419_093138As you can see from the pictures above the quick mount mPOWER™ lights stayed on even though the bumper didn’t.

This can put any argument to bed that the tri-color mPOWER™ perimeter light installed through the quick mount method will not stand up to the demands of the job. It will do just that – and be ready for the next day.

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